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We, the family of Tamkeen Insurance Company, are pleased to welcome the public interested in following with the company’s course since its birth, hoping that our services live up to the aspirations and ambitions of the Palestinian public. Tamkeen strives to provide an umbrella of insurance service for the preservation of national wealth or net worth and achievements as well as the protection of private and public property.

Since its inception, your nascent company has been keen on offering a wide range of innovative insurance solutions and services that comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a and rendering such services available through the points of sale distributed all over the West Bank and Gaza Strip whilst taking into consideration commitment to the company’s philosophy and values derived from the principles of transparency, governance, reliability, credibility and honoring commitments toits partners (insurance policyholders).

We are certain that your company will become one of the pillars for the Palestinian national economy and the economic development in our beloved homeland.

On behalf of TAMKEEN’s team

Mohammed Al-Rimawi
General Manager