Our Strategy
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To actually adhere to the concept and literature of Islamic insurance in its broadest framework in terms of systems, policies, ethics and business conduct committed to the Islamic principles, laws, regulations, legislations and accounting standards approved by the Jurisprudence Councils (Majaama’) in the Islamic world and by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions.

Our Objectives

Tamkeen Insurance Company seeks to achieve a number of goals and objectives set within an ethical and professional system that governs its internal and external relations with the Palestinian public and the official regulatory and supervisory institutions. The company’s objectives are:


  • Adopt the Islamic values and provisions as the institutional identity that governs all of its operations and transactions while adhering to the implementation mechanisms of the Islamic insurance concept and the relevant international standards.
  • Offer insurance services to non-active community groups overlooked or marginalized by the insurance industry through special insurance solutions and programs that meet the needs of low-income groups.
  • Achieve the highest levels of quality in serving the public based on the understanding of their needs and offering the appropriate insurance solutions out of our conviction in the partnership with our subscribers (i.e. insurance policy holders).
  • Maintain credibility, commitment and responsiveness to the subscribers’ needs, quick damage reparation and compensation, and building an integrative relationship based on constant communication with the subscribers.
  • Adapt modern technologies and modes of communication for the provision of smart services that guarantee subscribers swift and easy access to insurance services.
  • Adhere to the principles of good governance, transparency and optimal management on all of the Company’s operations.
  • Attract and develop technical and managerial cadres who believe in the Company’s mission and are capable of realizing its goals within the set ethical and professional determinants and controls.
  • Attain profitable and appropriate financial returns for all insurance holders (subscribers) and shareholders.
  • Secure high levels of technical and accounting reserves, allocations and financial blanket margins not only in accordance with the international accounting principles and financial standards but also in compliance with the Islamic financial accounting standards, the Palestinian Insurance Law No (20) of the year 2005 and all secondary legislations issued pursuant thereto as well as the relevant regulations of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority.