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Tamkeen Insurance Company offers individuals and institutions a package of vehicle or auto insurance solutions and road services designed with the primary aim of covering future risks to vehicles and indemnifying their owners from incurring monetary burdens for the reparation of damages and losses resulting from road accidents, while ensuring flexibility and speed in responding to specific insurance needs of the subscribers (policyholders).

The Company is committed to fulfilling its obligations to subscribers though quick response and disbursement of compensation immediately after any accidents, in a professional environment based on clarity and credibility so as to achieve the Company's vision of building an integral partnership with the subscribers. In addition, the Company is committed to its mission and corporate identity based on the full adoption of the principles and standards of application of insurance with Islamic vision in compliance with Sharia’a provisions.


Insurance Coverages:

  • Coverage of Physical Injuries

Under this insurance coverage, the Company shall pay the insurance amount (compensation value) for bodily injuries and/or deaths caused to the person(s) present inside or outside the Tamkeen-insured vehicle, or to pedestrians on the road, as a result of road accidents, irrespective of the legal liability, in accordance with the Palestinian Traffic Law No (20) of 2000. The insurance cover includes medical expenses of the injured and compensation for loss of income due to injury in addition to psychological impact of road accidents.

  • Coverage of Third Party Material Losses

Under this insurance coverage, the Company shall provide third parties (i.e. others: vehicle(s) uninsured by Tamkeen) with compensation for material damages / losses that a third party has suffered due to a road accident that occurred as a result of the legal liability of Tamkeen-insured vehicle. The Company also provides insurance solutions for material damages suffered by a third party through specific obligations liability towards the third party.

  • Coverage of Supplementary (Comprehensive) Insurance

In accordance with this insurance coverage, the Company shall pay reparations for damages /losses that occur to a Tamkeen-insured vehicle, or to any part thereof, as a result of exposure to the following risks:

  • Accidental collision or overturn.
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, or lightening.
  • Theft or attempted theft.
  • Intentional harm or tort by others.
  • Objects flying off or into vehicles.
  • Damages that occur to the insured vehicle while being towed due to malfunction.

The Company also provides supplementary sub-insurance solutions separately for cases of total loss and / or burglary.

Elite services for subscribers to the My Road Vehicle insurance program. This service offers few additional advantages such as:

  • Providing the policyholder with an alternative vehicle to the Tamkeen-insured vehicle involved in the road accident.
  • Post-accident towing of the Tamkeen-insured vehicle or its transport to the nearest location, as determined by the vehicle owner.
  • Coverage of the vehicle glass, lights and mirrors.
  • Technical consultation by the Company’s specialized professionals and technicians.


  • “Immediate Response Services” 1800 202 202

This service is available to all of Tamkeen’s insurance subscribers enabling them to communicate immediately with the Company's employees in the event of an accident and to ensure quick response and communication with accident investigators, damage assessors and compensation specialists nearest to your place of residence. Our objectives are to ensure your safety and provide immediate support, and facilitate the collection of information on the accident and follow up to obtain further information.

  • Other Vehicle Insurance Solutions

The My Road program offers many other insurance solutions that suit the different needs of individuals and institutions including the following:

  • Special solutions to cover the age categories
  • Special solutions to cover the age categories Geographic area

Calculate The Value of Insurance Subscription (Premium)

Premiums (i.e. subscriptions) are calculated on the basis of the vehicle’s market value, the engine’s power and capacity, year of production, and risks covered by the insurance.

The value of premium (subscription) is calculated in accordance with the standard tariff determined by the Palestinian Capital Market Authority.

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