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Tamkeen Insurance Company offers a package of insurance solutions for the protection of the families of subscribers (policyholders), including individuals and groups employed by various institutions, through the protection of individual/family from exposure to financial crisis due to the provider’s (policyholder) death or injury resulting in income interruption or discontinuity for the individual and family and their inability to meet their obligations to individual creditors or financial institutions.

The Company is committed to honoring its commitments to subscribers though rapid response and quick disbursement of compensation immediately after road accidents and in a professional environment based on clarity, creditability and commitment to building an integrative relationship with subscribers (policyholders). In addition, the Company is committed to its mission and institutional identity based on the full adoption of principles and standards of application of Islamic insurance compliant with Sharia’a provisions.

Insurance Coverages

Under the My Family program (insure family future), the Company is committed to disburse to the subscribers, or to their beneficiaries, the amount of compensation ensued from the following risks:

  • Natural death
  • Any accident or sickness resulting in the subscriber’s disability, whether partial or total, temporary or permanent, in a manner that prevents the subscriber from pursuing their professions or activities and leads to income disruption and discontinuity.

The solutions offered by the My Family program (ensure family future) include the following:

  • Family Future Insurance for Individuals and Groups
    This insurance is available to individuals and employee groups at various institutions (firms, trade unions and other organizations) according to which the Company shall disburse the compensation amount to the subscriber or their pre-designated beneficiary in case of natural death or disability resulting in the subscriber’s inability to continue their professions or jobs.
  • Protection of Individual or Collective Debt/Liabilities
    This insurance targets subscribers who obtained credit from one of the financial institutions and aims to protect credit liabilities in case of death/disability of the subscriber (or the financed person) due to income interruption or discontinuity resulting in the inability to fulfill credit obligations to various creditors. This insurance is provided to financial institutions as part of a group package in accordance with special agreements with these institutions in order to ensure the protection of their financial rights.
  • Insurance of Periodic Bills Payment
    This insurance aims at guaranteeing the payment of subscribers’ (policyholder) monthly utility bills such as electricity, water, telephone, and the like, in case of accidents resulting in the subscriber’s injury, sickness, disability, and/or employment interruption leading to income interruption or discontinuity in a manner that prevents the subscriber for meeting their bill payment obligations.
  • Insurance of Credit Cards Coverage
    This insurance aims at protecting the policyholder (subscriber) from the burden of obligations stemming from the use of credit cards issued by Islamic banks only, and the inability for payment due to accidents causing injury, sickness, disability and/or death of the subscriber thus leading to income interruption and inability to repay credit card obligations.
  • University Education Insurance
    This insurance enables the subscriber/policyholder to continue the payment of university tuitions for family members enrolled in Palestinian universities in case of an accident causing injury, sickness, disability, death and/or unemployment of the subscriber thus affecting their ability to meet their university education obligations.
  • Pension Saving Program
    This insurance aims at guaranteeing the availability of a source of income for a retired employee policyholder as of the date of his/her retirement until his/her death, irrespective of the cause of death, so that the subscription is considered legally terminated upon the subscriber’s death.

Calculate Value of Insurance Subscription (Premium):

The value of the insurance subscription (or premium) is calculated on the basis of duration of subscription, the subscriber’s age, health condition and annual income, the total amount of compensation, credit size, covered risks; and any other privileges or subscription to additional or special insurance solutions.

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