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Tamkeen Insurance Company offers a package of travel insurance solutions to individuals travelling to any country worldwide and provides around-the-clock support services and assistance to the insured traveler in the event of incident occurring during the trip through indemnity against material burdens, and reparations of damages and losses resulting from the accident.

The Company is committed to fulfilling its obligations to subscribers through quick response and disbursement of compensation immediately after occurrence of an accident in a professional environment based upon clarity and credibility essential for creating integrative relations with its subscribers (policyholders). In addition, the Company is committed to the realization of its mission and corporate identity through full adoption of principles and standards of Islamic insurance applications compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.

Insurance Coverage of My Travels Program

The Company shall compensate subscribers for any harm or losses resulting from the following risks:

  • Bodily injury or death resulting from accidents occurring during travel.
  • Sudden sickness or injury sustained outside the country of residence
  • Rescue expenses in case of emergency accidents.
  • Loss of personal identity documents.
  • Risks of trip cancellation or delay.
  • Delay or loss of luggage.
  • Personal incidents.

Calculate the Value of Insurance Subscription (Premiums):

The value of insurance subscription (premium) is calculated on the basis of duration of subscription, travel destination, the subscriber’s age, total value of compensation (maximum limit of indemnity), covered risks, and any privileges or additional or special insurance solutions.


Calculation method: fixed amounts in accordance with the timetable annexed to the insurance policy


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