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Through this program, Tamkeen Insurance Company offers insurance against personal incidents for individuals and compensation to subscribers (policyholder) for disabilities resulting from accidents. Compensation is made to subscribers or beneficiaries in case of subscribers’ death taking into consideration the flexibility required to meeting any special insurance needs.

The Company is committed to fulfilling its obligations towards its subscribers and promptly responding to accidents and compensation claims immediately upon the occurrence of any sickness or accidents in a professional environment built upon clarity and credibility necessary to the creation of integrative relationship with subscribers (policyholders). In addition, the Company is committed to adhere to its mission and institutional identity based on full adoption of the principles and standards ofIslamic insurance applications complaint with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia’a.

Insurance Coverage:

In accordance with the personal insurance program, the company is committed to extending damage reparations and compensation resulting from the following risks:

  • Compensation for an insured individual or his/her legitimate representative in case of sustaining physical injury resulting from an accident which may include death or disability (partial or total, temporary or permanent). Compensation is issued on individual or group bases.

Calculate the Value of Insurance Subscription (Premium)

The value of insurance subscription or premium is calculated on the basis of total amount of insurance (compensation value), public safety measures, covered risks, and the insured individual’s age, his/her annual income, and nature of their jobs.

The premium value is calculated as a percentage of total amounts of compensation (compensation value).


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