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Tamkeen Insurance Company offers individuals and institutions a special insurance against civil liability resulting from third party claims due to physical and/or physical damages that occurred during their presence within the boundaries of the insured geographical area of the subscriber (policyholder) that indemnify them from incurring any material burdens and reparations for damages and/or losses resulting from damage to any of the persons present at the workspace/work site.

The Company is committed to honoring its obligations towards subscribers and responding quickly and promptly after any incident, in a professional environment based on clarity and credibility to achieve its vision of creating an integrated partnership with subscribers. The Company is committed to its mission and corporate identity based on the full adoption of principles and standards of application of Islamic insurance compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.


Insurance Coverage:

Under the Civil Liability Insurance Program, the Company is committed to disbursement of reparations for damages and/or losses to the subscriber (policyholder) due to the following risks:

  • Material Risks:

Damages and/or losses of property of a third party that may occur within the boundaries of the insured geographic area.

  • Physical Risk:

Physical injury and/or death of a third party due to an accident that occurred within the boundaries of the insured geographic boundaries.


Calculate the Value of Insurance Subscriptions (Premiums):

Insurance contributions (premiums) are calculated on the basis of total incurable value, ((maximum limit of indemnity) nature of the profession or work of the insured's person, safety procedures, and the nature and boundaries of the geographic area.

Contributions (premiums) are calculated as a percentage of total insurable value (maximum limit of indemnity)

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