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Tamkeen Insurance provides special freight insurance for the protection of goods in transit against risks that may occur during transport by land, sea and air and to prevent subscriber (policyholder) from incurring material burdens for reparation of damages and/or losses resulting from freight, subject to flexibility considerations in meeting special insurance needs.

The Company is committed to fulfilling its obligations towards subscribers (policyholders) and to responding quickly and promptly after any incident, in a professional environment based on clarity and credibility in order to achieve its vision of creating an integrated partnership with the subscribers (policyholders). The Company is committed to its mission and corporate identity built upon the full adoption of the principles and standards of application of insurance compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.

Classification of Freight Insurance:

Land Freight  ) inland Transport (

Under the land transport insurance program, the Company is committed to disbursement of reparations for damage and/or loss of goods transported by land that may occur due to the following risks:

Vehicle overturn and collisions and/or collapse of bridges and underground passages.
Train and rail accidents.
Fire hazards.
Forced robbery.
Loading and unloading from origin warehouse to destination warehouse (i.e. from the time of goods loading by means of land transport until the time of unloading at subscriber’s (policyholder) designated destination or warehouse.

Sea Freight (Shipping):

Under the Shipping Insurance program, Tamkeen is obliged to disbursement of reparation for damage and/or loss of goods transported by sea due to the following risks:

  • Sea hazards and accidents; such as drowning and collisions at sea.
  • Natural disasters, such as storms.
  • Fire risks.
  • Armed robbery (maritime piracy).
  • Disposal of goods at sea due to an accident.
  • Coverage of maritime transport risks from exporter’s warehouses until unloading at importer’s warehouse which include:
    • Loading and unloading risks.
    • Loss of shipment charges (freight loss)

Air Freight ) Air Cargo (

Under the Air Freight Insurance Program, the Company is obliged for reparation for damage and/or loss of airborne goods resulting from the following risks:

  • Flight hazards; such as aircraft crash and/or collision.
  • (Acts of God) or natural disasters; such as storms.
  • Fire risks.
  • Forced robbery with violence.
  • Disposal of goods due to an accident.
  • Coverage of air transport risks from the time of receipt of goods from exporter’s warehouse until delivery to the importer’s designated destination, including:
    • Loading and unloading risks.
    • Risk of loss of shipment charges.

Calculate Value of Insurance Subscriptions (Premiums):

Insurance subscriptions (premiums) are calculated on the basis of: type of risk covered by the insurance, the total insurance value insured (maximum limit of indemnity(

, type of goods transferred, and means of transport.

Contributions (premiums) are calculated as a percentage per thousand of the total insurable value (maximum limit of indemnity(

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