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Tamkeen Islamic Insurance Company offers a package of health insurance solutions to individuals and individuals within groups and establishment operational in Palestine. The program aims at promoting a health environment and culture that maintains the stability of the Palestinian society through the provision of the best medical care services for any health incidents or sickness that require seeking the services of health clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical laboratories, imaging centers and other medical facilities.

The Company is committed to fulfilling its obligations towards its subscribers and prompt response to accidents and compensation claims immediately upon the occurrence of any sickness or accidents. The services are offered in a professional averment built on clarity and credibility. These are necessary for the realization of the Company’s vision of creating integrative relationships with subscribers (policyholders) in full adherence to its mission and institutional identity based on the adoption of Islamic insurance in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.

Advantages of My Health Program

  • Pre-payment for an Open Medical Network

The company is committed that its subscribers, in accordance with this mechanism, shall receive treatment services from physicians in outpatient clinics, pharmacies, medical laboratories, imaging centers and hospitals of their own choice rather than obliging them to pre-designated physicians and medical facilities. Subscribers can freely select their desired service provider from amongst all medical centers in Palestine that are licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

  • Hospital Admission and Treatment Insurance

This program is designed to assist individuals and institutions obtain medical care services in case of a subscriber admission into a hospital for the purpose of treatment for more than one day, provided that the subscriber obtains a detailed medical report and transfer/reference order prior to hospital admission.

Calculate the Value of Insurance Subscription (premium)

The amount of insurance subscription (premium) is calculated on the basis of the covered risks, duration of insurance, the number of covered individuals in the group or institution (for businesses), the nature of insurance solutions and any other agreed-upon privileges.


The premium value is calculated on the basis of fixed periodic amounts for each subscriber in accordance with the calculation criteria pertinent to the nature of the insured risk.


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