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Tamkeen Insurance Company offers special property and real estate insurance program against the risk of fire and associated risks for property and buildings owned by individuals and institutions that indemnify property owners from incurring any financial burdens that may arise from fire and associated risks, subject to flexibility considerations for meeting specific insurance needs.

The Company is committed to honoring its obligations towards subscribers (policyholders) and to responding quickly and promptly after any incident, in a professional environment based on clarity and credibility in order to achieve its vision of creating an integrated partnership with the subscribers (policyholders). The Company is committed to its mission and corporate identity built upon the full adoption of the principles and standards for the application of insurance compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.

Insurance Coverage:

Under the property insurance program against fire and associated risks, the Company is committed to the disbursement of reparations for damages and/or losses resulting from the following risks:

  • Accidental combustion (ignition) accompanied by flame and heat for insured buildings and properties.
  • Buildings fall, movement or cracking.
  • Vehicle into buildings collision and fall of aircrafts or any flying foreign objects
  • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions, and Malicious Damage (SRCC)
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, natural disturbances and weather fluctuations.
  • Explosions, including explosion of pipes and steam appliances.
  • Loss of profits resulting from a fire accident that leads to production interruptions or other risks arising from, for example work spaces unsuitable for the insured work activity, thus covering the rental value and/or of loss of income and revenue.
  • Natural wild fires or accidental ignitions of bushes and forests in the vicinity of insured buildings and properties.
  • Electric contact resulting in flame or fire.
  • Forced robbery with violence.

Calculate the Value of Insurance Subscriptions (Premiums):

The value of insurance subscriptions (premiums) to this program is calculated on the basis of the type of risk covered by the insurance coverage, job nature of policyholder, and value of insured property and buildings.

Subscriptions (premiums) are calculated as a percentage of thousand the total insurable value (maximum limit of indemnity)


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