Sharia’a Supervisory Board
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Article No (53) of the Bylaws of the Tamkeen Insurance Company provides for the designation of a Sharia’a Supervisory Board.

The Sharia Supervisory Board inspected the Company’s essential documents and attested that the contents of the Company’s Bylaws and Memorandum of Incorporation are fully compliant with the principles and provisions of Islamic Sharia’a.

The Sharia’a Supervisory Board also monitors the insurance policies and documents issued by the Company to verify their legitimacy and exclusion of Sharia’a prohibitions.

The Sharia’a Supervisory Board responds to inquiries pertinent to the applications of Islamic insurance operations.

The Sharia’a Supervisory Board carries out awareness-raising campaigns for the general public and the Company’s employees through lectures and seminars with specific programs and timeframes.

For an insurance company with Islamic vision, the Sharia’a Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Dr.Husam Eddine AffanehChairman of the Board
  • Dr. Jamal Kilani:                      Board member
  • Dr. Tareq Jabari:                      Board member